Web Design Studio

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We design and create tailor  made  websites

Actually we do much more as well but we’re keen on brevity.
We treat our designs like the old-fashioned Italian tailors who would spend countless hours working on the details to create a suit that fit its owner perfectly.
Our approach to corporate web design is based on listening.

We need to understand your Company, Products or Services – what they mean for consumers and what makes them unique.
We want to share your vision, your mission and your ambitions before we go into our workshop and start “cutting and sewing” your new website.
It should fit your company so naturally that you will see it as your second skin.

IBD doesn’t build websites that merely “work”; we create websites that communicate to their audience emotionally, consistently and professionally.

The Pigna bros

This is a family business.

Carlo & Giorgio Pignataro, born in the 70’s in Torino, Italy, have been together since Giorgio’s birth (guess who’s the eldest brother) and make a powerful team.

Carlo is IBD’s creative mind, the quality bar shifter, the loud voice you hear from the corridor when things do not match his expectations to perfection. He thinks he’s an artist (and he can heartily play guitar and sing quite well), we @ IBD think he’s a drama actor.

Giorgio is IBD’s business mind, the company’s Colonel Parker, the man who translates ideas into business, who turns fans into clients and clients into partners.

We created IBD in 2010 to give birth to a true 3.0 organization founded on creativity, respect for the environment, equal rights among employees and collaborators, and where leadership is determined by vision and results.

Alpine Holdings 

Website of a large, dynamic business conglomerate
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Golden Harvest 

Check it out, it’s simply lovely…
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Sagi trusts IBD Digital for the web communication of its luxury collections!
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What a great opportunity for IBD Digital: Mitsubishi!!!!
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Website for the Maltese branch of the Korean Automobile’s giant KIA
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The new website of an incredibly innovative educational programme
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Fresh, young, user-friendly. Welcome to Suzuki.com.mt
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Dubai Office

Dubai Airport Free Zone
3rd East Wing Building, 4th floor, Regus
P.O.Box 54620, Dubai

Ph: +971 4 214 9042
Fax: +971 4 214 9501
Mob: +971 552522902


Malta Office

Tower Business Center
2nd floor, Tower Street
BKR 3013, Swatar

Ph: +356 2546 6666
Fax: +356 2546 6000
Mob: +356 99557667